Prices for Gentle Paws Pet Grooming services are determined by breed and the needs of your dog*.

One of our Groomers will be happy to discuss a custom grooming package suited to your dog.


Basic Bath & Brush

  • High-quality hydro-massage spa shampoo and conditioner suited to your pet’s skin and coat

  • Deep cleaning blueberry facial

  • Check and express anal glands as needed

  • Blow dry

  • Brushing/deshedding

  • Pluck or thin hair from ear canal and clean ears

  • Trim nails

  • Shave or trim pads of feet

  • Shave potty area and rectum as needed

  • Cologne or scent applied if desired

  • Bows or bandannas on holidays

Bath & Tidy

  • All of the above plus feet, face and tail trimming

  • For double coated dogs such as border collies, all of the above plus feet trimming and light trimming of skirt and/or furnishings

Full Groom

  • All of the above plus an all over haircut/style to your specifications.

Ala Carte services

  • Nail Trim: $10-$15

  • Dremmel Nails $10-$15

  • Dremmel added to Nail Trim: $2- $4

  • Anal Glands: $12-$15

  • Foot Trim: $5-$10

  • Face Trim: $5-$10

  • Ear Cleaning: $5-$10

*Additional charges

Special charges may be applied in certain circumstances. These charges will be discussed at your appointment when they are necessary.


$6 - $12

Handling Charge

Applies to when extra time or multiple groomers are required to handle pets extreme behavioral issues or significant disabilities.

$12/15 mins

De-matting undercoat

Applies when work to de-mat or remove a tightly packed undercoat goes above normal grooming services


$20 -$40


Pets are soaked in natural flea shampoo and given a mud treatment designed to kill fleas and soothe skin. Care is taken to catch and remove any live fleas by hand and flea comb. Additional measures are taken to thoroughly clean the salon to protect other pets. It’s recommended you check with your Veterinarian for additional flea control protocol.