We have three DESIGNATED appointment drop off & pick up times Monday-Friday:


  • drop off between 7:30am-8:00pm        

  • Pick up between 12:00pm-12:30pm

Mid Morning

  • drop off 10:00am                                      

  • Pick up 2:00pm


  • drop off between 12:00pm-12:30pm

  • Pick up between 4:00pm-4:30pm

Note: Weekend appointment drop off and pick up times vary

  • Please allow 4 hours for us to groom your pet safely, efficiently and with the least amount of stress possible to your pet and stylist. Adhering to these drop off and pick up times reduces the amount of interruption in the grooming process for all pets and increases flow for your stylist to make every grooming experience as positive as possible. Your pet will be given frequent breaks to relax during the process and will not be rushed out the door.

  • Exceptions can be made ahead of time for special circumstances such as scheduling conflicts or for elderly and special needs pets. In these cases we may be able to get your pet done sooner.

  • We can keep your pet for the day while you are at work. Your pet will be given fresh water and time to relax outside of their kennel.

  • Unfortunately, we do not have a potty area for pets so we are not able to take them for a potty break. Plans are to have a nearby potty area in the future.

  • Food and toys will be given if provided by you and we will house your pet in the least restrictive kennel possible.


When we are not actively grooming your pet, we will house your pet in a wire sided kennel, a closed sided kennel, an exercise pen, leashed near a Stylist or we may allow your pet to roam free.  Gentle Paws staff will determine the best scenario based on your pets age, size and behavior. We want your pet to have the most pleasant experience possible.


Always leash or carry your pet into the lobby to ensure their safety. Please make sure the lobby is clear before entering if your pet is aggressive toward humans or other dogs. If necessary, we can escort your pet in through an alternate entrance.

Thank You!